Malaysia is one of the best places for tourism and it secure fourth place in bringing more than forty million tourists to their land every year. There are plenty of places like Sky Bridge, Cable car, rain fall forest, Twin tower, Geoforest Park, Waterfalls. The list does not end. Among this, the Island OF Langkawi has a great ambience and it is completely separated from Malaysia which can reached by either ferry or flight. Penang and Langkawi are very close islands and very great beach and rain fall forest are there to enjoy the vacations. The beauty of the island is vocational trip. If you want a family vacation, you can travel by ferry from kuala kedah to langkawi which has a adventurous trip by going on the boat against the ocean waves. This will be a memorable moment throughout your life.

Malay foods are mostly based on the Chinese variety and Indian variety which are very delicious and the way the sea food are prepared are very tasty. You can try them at the costal restaurants and the Langkawi Island is known for ferry travel. Most of the foreign tour, we get bored by travelling in the air and we start the vacation from the next day onwards. The travel through air or by road ways are so much bored because we depend on these travel on our regular days. Now it is time to travel in water ways. It is a promising entertainment who is not frequently using the ferry travel. The travel by ferry from kuala kedah to langkawi is a most exciting travel one can have in their life. The same can be done by flight travel of forty or forty five minutes. But it is going to be a usual travel. By making it through ferry, it is going to be a memorable moment. The booking can be made via online itself. The tickets are available at cheat price. But the travel is about three hours which is the very best with all kind of facilities on board.

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